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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Roman numerals

1 - l

2 - ll

3 - lll

4 - lV

5 - V

6 - Vl

7 - Vll

8 - Vll

9 - lX

10 - X

20 - XX

30 - XXX

40 - Xl

50 - L

60 - LX

70 - LXX

80 - LXXX

90 - XC

100 - C

200 - CC

300 - CCC

400 - CCCC

500 - D

600 - DC

700 - DCC

800 - DCCC

900 - CM

1,000 - M

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This my toy cat Bessie. I have had her since I was three months old!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Kinds of money.

Australia - Dollar

Brazil - Real

China - Yuan

Czech Republic - Koruna

Ethopia - Birr

France - Euro

Germany - Euro

Ghana - Cedi

Greece - Euro

India - Rupee

Italy - Euro

Japan - Yen

Malaysia - Ringgit

Mexico - Peso

Mongolia - Tugrik

Netherlands - Euro

Peru - Nuevo sol

Poland - Zloty

Portugal - Euro

Russia - Rouble

Saudi Arabia - Riyal

South Africa - Rand

South Korea - Won

Spain - Euro

Sweden - Krona

Thailand - Baht

UK - Pound sterling

USA - Dollar

Venezuela - Bolivar

Zambia - Kwacha

U.A.E - Dirhams

This is my mum Elaine.

Visit my archive files for more great stuff.

Animal records.

Largest animal - Blue whale 33.5m (110ft), 209 tons

Largest land animal - African bush elephant 3.9 (13ft), 8 tons

Tallest animal - Giraffe 5.8 (19ft)

Largest reptile - Saltwater crocodile 4.9m (16ft), 522kg (1,15olb)

Longest snake - Reticulated python 8-10m (26-32ft)

Whale shark 12.7m (41.8ft)

Largest bird - Ostrich 2.7 (9ft), 156.5kg (345lb)

Largest insect - Stick insect 38cm (15in)

Fastest animal - Peregrine falcon 160-320kph (100-200mph)

Fastest land animal - Cheetah 112kph (70mph)

Fastest insect - Dragonfly 57kph (36mph)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Ludicrous laws.

In Sweden-it is illegal for parents to insult their children.

In China-it is against the law to save a drowning person, as such an act would interfere with his or her fate.

In France-it is illegal for anyone to park or land a flying saucer in a vineyard.

In Greece-if you are poorly dressed when driving on the public roads of athens, your licence may be taken away.

In Switzerland-after 10 p.m. a man or boy cannot relieve himself standing up.

In Sauda Araba-it is illegal for women to drive cars.

Don't ask me why these laws are crazy but they are true. I know because I got it from a book.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

This is me dressed up as a spy.

This is me dressed up as a martial arts man.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This is me dressed up as an army man.

50 easily misspelt words.

acceptable equipment intelligence receive accidentally exceed judgement restaurant incredible existence knowledge

ridiculous argument experience leisure rhythm believe foreign library sensible calendar fourth lightning

separate category generally millennium special changeable grammar mischievous tomorrow conscience greatful

noticeable twelfth conscious guarantee parliament weather definitely height pastime weird disappear immediate

pigeon embarrass independent questionnaire.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

This is me in colour.

The best presents to give your mum and dad.

1. Clothes.

2. A book.

3. A Cd.

4. A video or Dvd.

5. Somthing that you made.

6. Make-up.

7. Perfume.

Things to do on a rainy day.

1. Watch a movie.

2. Play a game, a board game, or hide and seek.

3. Have a warm bath.

4. Have a hot chocolate.

Dog talk.

Happy - wags its tail from side to side... holds its head up... tongue hanging out.

Scared - drops its tail between its legs... flattens its ears... crouches down.

Angry - tail raised over its back... bares its teeth and growls... hackles raised.

Cat talk.

Happy - tail quivers... lies on its chest, eyes half closed... rolls over... paws up.

Scared - crouches down... flattens its ears... avoids direct eye contact.

Angry - flicks its tail from side to side... arches its back... puffs up its fur.

My top ten tracks for dancing.

If you like dancing to songs you will love dancing to these songs.

1. Madonna-Hung Up.

2. Madonna-Sorry.

3. Ciara-1, 2 step.

4. Ciara-Goodies.

5. Eminem-Lose Yourself.

6. Prince-1999.

7. Will Smith-Miami.

8. Will Smith-Party Starter.

9. Britney Spears-Toxic.

10.Dr. Dre-Still D.R.E.

Eminem's Lose Yourself starts slow then gets faster and better for dancing.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

When the internet was invented this was one of the best websites there was.

this is hamster dance

I hope you like this photo of me it is called a light tunnel.

You all know this website it is called google now when you go onto my blog and want to look up something just click on this is google.

this is google

Fastest roller-coasters.

Top thrill dragster, USA 193kph (120mph), built 2003

Dodonpa, Japan 172kph (107mph), built 2001

Superman the escape, USA 161kph (100mph), built 1997

Tower of terror Australia 161kpm (100mph), built 1997

Steel dragon 2000, Japan 153kpm (95mph), built 2000

Saturday, March 04, 2006

If you like bomb jack flash version you will like bomb jack that's not the flash version.

this is bomb jack that is not the flash version

This is me with goofy when I was six in disneyworld.