joel fun

Sunday, April 23, 2006


mend / break

over / under

decrease / increase

transparent / opaque

clean up / mess up

send / receive

give / take

catch / throw

cover / expose

compliment / insult

find / lose

buy / sell

fake / genuine

rough / smooth

This is true, a baby in Florida, USA, has been called Truewilllaughinglifebuckyboomermanifestdestiny.

Seven spells from Harry Potter.

1. Alohamora - to open a locked door

2. Colloportus - to seal a door

3. Expecto Patronum - to conjure up a Patronus

4. Impedimenta - to stop or slow something down

5. Incendio - to start a fire

6. Petrificus - to turn someone into stone

7. Tarantallegra - to cause someone to dance madly

Super powers

1. Flight

2. Invisiblility

3. X ray vision

4. Elasticity

5. Super-human strength

6. Super speed

7. Telekinesis

8. Shape-shifting

9. Force fields

10. Healing

11. Turning in to ice

12. Turning in to fire

13. Mind reading

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Famous real-life dogs

Pickles, the dog who found the stolen football world cup in 1966.

Strelka and Belka, who returned safely to earth after a day in space in 1960.

Barry, a st bernard who rescued over 40 people stranded in the alps.

Rico, a border collie who understands over 200 words.

Famous real-life cats

Sugar, the cat who walked some 1,500 miles across the USA to rejoin her owners, who had given her away when they moved.

Scarlett, who rescued her five kittens from a burning building in New york in 1996.

Solomon, the white chinchilla longhair who played Blofeld's cat in the James bond films.

Facts that are not true

Chewing gum takes seven years to pass through the human digestive system, if it doesn't kill you first.

The word nylon is from New york and London.

There are alligators living in New york city's sewers.

No two snowflakes are alike.

Elephants are afraid of mice.